Artist's Statement

The artwork that I make is derived from my experiences in art, design, and fabrication. These elements converge with my love and respect for salvaged materials. The neighborhood around my studio in East Oakland never fails to provide bounty and inspiration.

My constructions evolve from a base of wooden panels. These originally come from a variety of sources: old fences, furniture, massive electronic cabinets, old work benches, etc. They are remnants of a time before chipboard and melamine. They are solid, patinaed, historied, and of an era when "disposable" wasn't a positive marketing message.

These panels serve as my canvas, but unlike canvas, they have a useful dimension to work into. They can be carved, routed, and sanded. In most cases, my process involves sketching - either on paper, or the panel itself - layering other objects against the composition, and developing a plan for construction. I find the technique of removing material, drawing *into* the wood and then building up the pieces with found objects, paint, wires or additional panels to be very rewarding. I am able to work equally in the artistic arenas of sculpture and painting, while combining wood and metal-working tools and craft.

The entire process for creating a piece can take days or years. I am always working on several pieces consecutively, and if something doesn't feel right, or slips sideways, it is put aside for another day. Several pieces on this site were begun 10 years ago, only to have recently come together.

The compositions are dependent on the materials and mood. They bridge from scientific (or psuedo-scientific) to whimisical. The configuration is equally influenced by natural shapes and modern design. I am devoted to making and sharing my artwork, and find great satisfaction in both.